Herbalife QuickStart Programme
The Powerful Combination of Protein & Fibre

QuickStart Program

The Quickstart Programme is designed to be a healthy weight loss regimen. It is not a VLCD (very low calorie diet). You are provided with all the nutrients that you need, including protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. By replacing 2 meals a day with healthy protein shakes you are eliminating unhealthy choices from your diet, without starving yourself and without subjecting yourself to uncontrollable hunger. Fibre and protein help keep you feeling full as well as providing two essential elements for a healthy diet.*

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The Herbalife Weight Loss Programme is primarily based on healthy meal replacement and improved nutrient absorption by the body.

At the core of each programme is the meal replacement shake. This provides a fast, healthy meal with high quality protein as well as vitamins and minerals. The shake takes only a few minutes to prepare and is taken twice a day to replace two meals. The third meal, which can be either lunch or dinner should be a healthy meal containing protein and vegetables, but not too high in carbohydrates.

In addition the Multivitamin is taken three times daily (one with each meal) and assists in adding the optimum nutritional balance to the body.

Additional supplements can help with different physiological factors that affect weight loss.

Individual results will vary.