Weight Loss by emma mitchell from the Noun Project Weight Loss Testimonial

Fiona (Sydney)
(Lost 8 kgs and numerous centimetres)*

Quotation Marks In February 2009 I got a job working in an office full time and over 4 months I gained 5kgs. I had previously been working as a swimwear model full time so gaining this weight was so bad! I felt really fat and unhappy and my eating was crazy. I ate good main meals but my snacks were really bad, like chocolate bars. Because I was always tired I would eat lollies for energy. I travel for about 5 hours each day I lost my spare time to exercise.

One day when I was getting ready for work and all my clothes were too tight (even my underwear) I got really upset and spent the day searching online for diet secrets and ways I could lose weight.

I had just been accepted into a major modeling event so needed to drop weight in 2 months.

I found Herbalife. I then emailed the lovely Pauline to ask lots of questions about the programmes. Pauline was very helpful, honest and understanding.

I decided to purchase the Protein Programme. I have a thing with needing to feel full and I need to have energy so this programme was perfect for me. I also bought a treadmill for my apartment so when I got home I could exercise instead of driving 20 minutes to the gym. I got great advice from Pauline about healthy snacks in between the shakes. With this advice I went to the supermarket and bought lots of healthy options and removed all unhealthy food from my house. I told all my friends that I was going on a detox and stopped drinking alcohol and stopped eating hot chips and chocolate bars and lollies.

The first 3 days were hard but after that I starting to lose the bloating I had and I was in a super good mood and everyone at work noticed.

After 4 weeks on the programme I lost 6kgs. I lost 8cms off my waist and 3cms off each thigh. All of my clothes were then baggy which made me feel amazing and on top of the world!

Because I got such great results in the first month, I decided to do a 2nd month on the programme. I had then lost a total of 8kgs and 10cms off my waist.

Looking and feeling awesome, I bought a new red bikini and some new clothes for work as all my old clothes were too big. I was successful in my event and had so many people comment on my weight loss.

For my exercise I was doing about 30-45mins of power walking or jogging about 3 or 4 times a week.

I think a major part of what made it so easy was being organised and having a low calorie diet but with the NRG tablets to keep your energy levels up through the day. Having the shakes just made it so easy and simple – and they are yum!

I’ve managed to keep off the weight with the information I learnt.  I will never go back to the way I used to eat. I HIGHLY recommend Herbalife to anyone who feels stuck and needs a fresh start.

(Fiona used the Protein Plus Programme plus NRG)

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.