Weight Loss by emma mitchell from the Noun Project Weight Loss Testimonial

S.S. (Victoria)
(Lost 10kg)*

Quotation Marks I started my Herbalife journey just before Christmas 2021. I found a list of distributors and was instantly connected to some of the reviews I read about Pauline.

Quottaion Marks  I contacted her and she immediately called me to discuss my goals, my history with my health and any potential hurdles. She also helped me to select the products that were best suited to my weight loss objectives and body type.

Quottaion Marks  I started out having 2 shakes a day, plus a meal. I was so excited at how I felt in such a short space of time. Pauline checked in with me every 2-3 days and answered every question I had with such warmth, detail and patience. I continued with 2 shakes until I had lost 10kgs and 14cm around the waist. I am now on 1 shake per day, and 2 meals.

Quottaion Marks  Having the products was only half the success, the other half came from the level of support I was given by Pauline, every step of the way. (S.S. from Victoria)*


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