Weight Loss by emma mitchell from the Noun Project Weight Loss Testimonial

Sangeeta (Sydney)
Got back down to her pre-pregnancy weight*

Quotation Marks I found the Herbalife products a very helpful way to lose weight. The key to these programmes and having good success is finding a good, experienced distributor.

Quotation Marks My distributor's name is Pauline. She was referred to us from a friend of ours, who used the products as well and also got good results using them. Pauline has over 17 years experience with the Herbalife products. She gave me the best advice and proper knowledge on exactly what to do, and exactly what products to take whilst breastfeeding.

Quotation Marks  I started using the Herbalife products at the end of December 2019 after my pregnancy, when I was breastfeeding, and I was worried that the products might not work. I started using the shakes and a couple of other vitamins that she recommended, and I got very good results. I lost 12 kgs in weight going from 71kg down to 59 kg in about 5 months.

Quotation Marks One thing I would like to share is that people must be patient - it will take few weeks or up to a few months to get the results they want to achieve. Again, thanks to Pauline for helping me to achieve my dream and reaching my goal weight.


(Sangeeta used Formula 1 Shake Mix, Personalised Protein Powder, Multivitamin Complex, Cell-U-Loss & Active Fibre Complex)

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.