Weight Loss by emma mitchell from the Noun Project Weight Loss Testimonial

Steve (Wollongong)
(Lost 10 kgs in 6 weeks)*

Quotation Marks Before I started Herbalife I weighed 150kg and wore a size 132cm pants and 135cm shirt.  I always felt tired and lacked any real energy for any type of physical activity.  My digestion was also suffering with weekly bouts of problematic reflux.  My skin was dry and dull and flakey.

Then I started using Herbalife products on a daily basis.

And now, I'm feeling healthier and attending my local gym 5 times a week. My skin has improved and I swear it's looking more youthful and a lot firmer, than it has in ten long years.  I now have more energy and stamina than I have in many years.

I went from a size 64 to 60. I lost 10 kilos and five cm from my waist in six weeks (attending the gym regularly and following the Herbalife weight management plan as recommended).

My skin is better hydrated and smoother and is showing increased signs of looking more youthful. I would recommend Herbalife to anyone serious about weight loss and health.

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.